LUIS Heavy Duty 360° system

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360° system for a full bird’s-eye view of the vehicle, with robust camera housing and advanced features
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The LUIS Heavy Duty 360° system features an extremely robust aluminium protective camera housing and two video outputs, as well as advanced features in the software.

With the LUIS Heavy Duty 360° system, almost every area around the vehicle can now be seen – thanks to the four compact high-performance wide-angle cameras and a supplied electronic control unit (ECU), which stitches together these images to create a complete 360-degree bird’s-eye view and an overview of the surrounding space. You can use a trigger or the remote control to switch between the large 360° image and an additional display from a separate camera (such as the rear view or front camera). The Heavy Duty 360° system has been specially designed for commercial vehicles, construction equipment, agricultural vehicles and heavy-duty special-purpose vehicles. The system has two video outputs for a monitor and data recorder, for example, or a second monitor. Please note: system does not include monitor.

Like the LUIS Professional 360° system, the Heavy Duty system excels with much quicker and simpler calibration compared to competitors’ systems. A calibration kit is needed to calibrate the four cameras. LUIS can provide this on loan (article no. 900364) or for sale (article no. 900366).

Delivery includes four wide-angle cameras, four camera cables (3x 5 m and 1x 10 m), an electronic control unit (ECU) and a monitor cable. 

The Heavy Duty 360°system is of course subject to our comprehensive and strict quality assurance process with routine inspections of each individual item at every key stage of production. So you also benefit from a 48-month LUIS warranty for this system.