A state-of-the-art turn assistant can significantly enhance both your own safety and that of other road users by eliminating the ‘blind spot’. This intelligent, software-based solution can reliably differentiate between different pedestrians as well as pedestrians and static objects or objects moving away. The system will alert you only if and when necessary. Security settings, such as the detection area or system activation based on the use of direction indicators or turning angle of the steering wheel, are adjustable. They can be used to customise the turn assistant for optimal use in line with individual requirements. A turn assistant is designed as a modular safety system, compatible and easy to combine with previously installed hardware.

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Fewer accidents and more safety thanks to LUIS TURN DETECT© intelligent camera software system

Blind spots, especially for truck drivers, pose a significant hazard and have repeatedly made headlines. In view of increasing popular demand for a solution, LUIS Technology decided to tackle the issue. Based on our many years of experience with camera, monitor and sensor technology for trucks and passenger vehicles, we have developed a turn assistance system to provide effective protection against serious accidents.

The LUIS turn assistant (sometimes also called a blind spot assistant or blind spot system) is one step ahead of traditional systems. Our solution allows truck drivers to literally ‘visualize’ the danger. What sets our electronic control unit (ECU) apart is motion detection, based on a comparison of images captured by the camera. A safety system that is certain to set new standards. Our commitment is shared by German Federal Minister of Transport and Digital Infrastructure Andreas Scheuer and his campaign ‘#ichhabdenassi’ (‘I have an assistant’) to promote safety systems.

Our LUIS ‘TURN DETECT’ driver assistance system meets all requirements of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) and performed well in an ADAC Test.

The LUIS system is compatible with earlier models of camera-monitor systems and can be adapted as a bespoke solution customized to individual requirements. We are very proud to make a contribution to road traffic safety with our system and look forward to discussing your requirements..

You will find information on the assembly of "TURN DETECT®" below.


All LUIS system solutions offer decisive benefits over common turn assistants that are usually based on ultrasonic detection:

  • The driver’s work is easier as the system warns of impending risks
  • A second lane is detected; this is the source of most injuries and deaths in accidents involving right-turning vehicles (driving on the right)
  • Night vision
  • Two-level warning (i.e. optical first and then additional acoustic warning if there is danger (indicator activated/steering wheel turned))
  • Warning text for driver
  • Significantly wider detection area
  • Algorithm with two detection areas
  • Significantly shorter installation time
  • No calibration needed
  • Trailer changes are easy
  • Also suitable for relatively short vehicles
  • Self-diagnosis (warning if not working)
  • Side detection activated via speed
  • Trigger input for steering angle sensor
  • I/O output for activating external alarms (e.g. additional warning light)
  • Modular design for expansion and use of hardware that is already installed


Turn assistant based on camera software

  • Wide-angle camera with very large angle of detection, optional front camera
  • Optical (red box) and acoustic (buzzer) warning if people are in the danger zone and there is a risk of collision
  • Activation via speed or other triggers Two-level warning:
    (1) Red box for person in danger zone
    (2) Red box and acoustic warning if person in danger zone and vehicle starts turning (e.g. steering wheel turned or indicator on)
  • Detection of cyclists in the second lane
  • Operating voltage 9 to 32 V
  • I/O for activation of external alarms (e.g. LED warning light, hazard flasher system or similar)
  • Modular design for expansion and use of hardware that is already installed, such as (side view) cameras or an existing monitor or navigation system
  • Complies with current BMVI requirements, ABE general operating permit (including for proof of eligibility for funding) since March 2019; funding via VSL in Baden-Württemberg


Where and how is the LUIS TURN DETECT® turn assistant installed?

The camera should be mounted on the tractor (with wider box bodies instead of on tractors on the box body or trailer at the top on the right side); Attention: a separation point is required for trailers; the control box (ECU) is installed in the driver's cab behind the fittings.

How long does it take to assemble the LUIS TURN DETECT® system?

4-5 hours including steering angle and speed sensor.

Who can do the assembly?

  1. LUIS (own fitters, nationwide; training of a "desired workshop" by LUIS is also possible)
  2. MAN-service/ -stations nationwide
  3. LUIS service partners

Do you have any questions about our turn assist system?

Please use the following button to contact us directly. Alternatively, please call us under +49 (40) 897 27 84-0 or send an email to service@luis.de