LUIS Technology offers an extensive range of accessories and spare parts, supporting the versatility of our products and ensuring their longevity. Accessories include camera batteries, adapters, mountings and various types of cables. They ensure that our products are compatible with many different types of vehicles and in various fields of application. Just like our driver-assistance systems, all our spare parts comply with OEM quality standards. Continuous control measures ensure that our products meet the exacting requirements of the automotive sector at all times. Our customers additionally benefit from a 48 months warranty.

Rückfahrkamera-Zubehör Rückfahrkamera-Zubehör
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  1. LUIS trailer cable set
    LUIS trailer cable set
    This cable set is compatible with all LUIS video rear view systems from July 2008 onwards (except LUIS R7-S). Rapid connection for trailer operation.
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Spare parts for rear view systems

Rear view systems can significantly increase your safety while driving. Improved visibility of rear traffic is often useful when reversing or pulling out of a parking space. All the more frustrating if your rear view camera breaks down or one of its components becomes defective. However, help is at hand: we offer a vast range of spare parts for all current rear view systems and cameras.

What benefits do spare parts for rear view cameras offer?

Our comprehensive range of spare parts for rear view cameras can help you restore your rear view system to full functionality if individual parts are defective. You can also supplement your existing rear view system, for example with an additional rear view camera or lateral cameras.

Installing additional rear view cameras can serve to enhance your existing system. Our advanced cameras offer colour images as well as automatically activated infrared night vision. You benefit from an all-round view of your surroundings, even in the dark. State-of-the-art casings prevent rear view cameras from fogging over, even when temperatures fluctuate. Wide viewing angles ensure optimal all-round visibility. Most of our spare parts are versatile and suitable for multiple purposes.

Spare parts for virtually all models

Spare parts for rear view systems are also compatible with commercially available navigation devices, among other things. Additionally, they are suitable for use in most popular vehicle types as well as in trucks and utility vehicles. See for yourself! Enjoy long warranty periods, sophisticated technical features and a comprehensive range of products.