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Welcome to LUIS Technology GmbH, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of camera-monitor and driver assistance systems.

Founded in 1999, LUIS Technology GmbH has since established itself as a reliable and efficient partner for the German automotive industry as well as for manufacturers of various industrial applications. We offer individual, customer-oriented safety solutions in automotive original equipment quality. Our products are suitable for use under the most exacting and challenging conditions in all types of vehicles, from private motor homes to commercial construction equipment. All our products undergo a comprehensive and strict quality assurance process, including routine inspections of each individual item, and are offered with a 48 months warranty. All our materials and manufacturing processes meet the highest standards. We are proud of our commitment to fairness, reliability and respect for both people and the environment. Climate protection, privacy as well as a customer-focused approach and innovation are important aspects in the development of our products.

LUIS Technology GmbH has one overall objective: To reduce accidents, personal injuries and property damage in road traffic.

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Our Products

Camera-Monitor Systems


Wired camera-monitor systems help you manoeuvre your vehicle and navigate traffic safely and efficiently. The exterior-mounted camera captures all relevant traffic details and transmits this information to the wired monitor of the camera-monitor system, installed inside the vehicle. Whether you are reversing or turning, the wired camera-monitor system offers additional safety for a great variety of driving scenarios. LUIS camera-monitor systems are suitable for use with agricultural equipment, motor homes or passenger cars. They are compatible with other systems and can be adapted to your individual requirements.

Camera-Monitor Systems


Our wireless camera-monitor systems allow for swift and smooth upgrades to your driver-assistance systems. LUIS Technology can boast many years of experience in adapting wireless solutions for use in vehicle construction. Our company was one of the first manufacturers to use end-to-end encrypted digital wireless technology, ensuring a stable, low-interference operation of wireless camera-monitor systems. All products from LUIS Technology comply with the exacting requirements of the automotive industry, and all undergo the comprehensive and strict LUIS quality assurance process. Additionally, our customers benefit from a 48 months warranty.

Turn Assistants


A state-of-the-art turn assistant can significantly enhance both your own safety and that of other road users by eliminating the ‘blind spot’. This intelligent, software-based solution can reliably differentiate between different pedestrians as well as pedestrians and static objects or objects moving away. The system will alert you only if and when necessary. Security settings, such as the detection area or system activation based on the use of direction indicators or turning angle of the steering wheel, are adjustable. They can be used to customise the turn assistant for optimal use in line with individual requirements. A turn assistant is designed as a modular safety system, compatible and easy to combine with previously installed hardware.


(All-round vision)

A 360-degree view of your surroundings is essential to participating safely in road traffic. Thanks to LUIS 360-degree systems, drivers can see exactly what is happening around their vehicles. Four high-performance wide-angle cameras together with the system’s integrated electronic control unit create a complete bird's-eye view. This system, sometimes also referred to as a bird view system, is ideal for motor homes and utility vehicles. The LUIS Technology advantage: Our 360-degree camera system undergoes our strict quality assurance process, including a routine inspection of each individual item. Like all our products, this system is offered with a 48 months warranty.


(provide safety and comfort)

Rear view cameras are vital, especially for large vehicles such as agricultural and construction equipment, utility vehicles or motor homes. These practical cameras ensure a high degree of safety for other road users as well as for your own vehicle, in addition to enhancing driver comfort. Special designs such as all-round-vision systems, brake light cameras or double eye cameras can also offer valuable additional features. All of these essential safety systems are easy to install. LUIS rear view systems can be individually adapted to the requirements of various vehicles and integrate smoothly with already installed systems.


(Monitors from LUIS)

Next to LUIS Technology’s driver-assistance systems, high-resolution cameras and outstanding monitors are among its most popular products. Our high-end monitors feature an anti-glare screen, ensuring vital visibility even in case of intensely bright light and strong glare. Thanks to a shock-proof mounting, the monitors are securely installed in the driver’s cabin. They are compatible with all vehicle types – trucks and utility vehicles such as excavators and construction equipment, but also passenger cars and motor homes. Typically used for rear view systems and turn assistants, our monitors are versatile and suitable for a great variety of applications.

Telematics & MDR

(simplify fleet management)

LUIS Technology’s product range supports more than just enhanced road traffic safety. Our mobile digital recorders (MDR) are ideally suited for coordinating fleets in the logistics, construction, agriculture and municipal sectors as well as the vehicle fleets of tradespeople, taxi companies and social services. Along with all other LUIS Technology products, our GPS trackers, telematics products and mobile digital recorders meet OEM quality standards and are offered with a 48 months warranty. Mobile digital recorders and telematics products undergo LUIS’s regular and stringent quality control procedures. Customers have the assurance that our products meet the high requirements in the automotive sector.

OEM On-Board System Adapters

(Adapters for every System)

LUIS Technology’s driver-assistance systems enhance road traffic safety – and even save lives. The adapters provided to connect our products, such as the cameras, to the vehicle’s OEM on-board system meet the highest OEM quality standards and are supported by our 48 months warranty. All products undergo constant quality control to guarantee that they function reliably at all times. Additionally, our quality control process ensures that LUIS Technology’s offering meets the exacting requirements of automotive customers.

Cables & Accessories

(Cables and other parts)

LUIS Technology offers an extensive range of accessories and spare parts, supporting the versatility of our products and ensuring their longevity. Accessories include camera batteries, adapters, mountings and various types of cables. They ensure that our products are compatible with many different types of vehicles and in various fields of application. Just like our driver-assistance systems, all our spare parts comply with OEM quality standards. Continuous control measures ensure that our products meet the exacting requirements of the automotive sector at all times. Our customers additionally benefit from a 48 months warranty.