Case study

Example: SUEZ Deutschland GmbH 

SUEZ Deutschland is a company offering sustainable resource and waste management. Headquartered in Wesseling, Germany, the environmental services provider offers collection, recycling and recovery of all types of waste. A great number of organisations from industry, trade and commerce as well as boroughs, towns and municipalities with a total of more than 6 million inhabitants put their trust in SUEZ’s expertise. SUEZ Deutschland is a part of one of the world’s largest group of companies specialising in waste management, water supply and waste water disposal. With just under 1,900 employees working dedicatedly in 40 locations all over Germany, the company is committed to protecting natural resources and preserving the environment every single day.

SUEZ’s fleet of waste collection vehicles is travelling Germany day after day, in dense inner-city traffic as well as residential and industrial areas. Collecting and transporting household and industrial waste requires countless stops and restarts. Both in road traffic and while manoeuvring and reversing, drivers need to keep all areas in sight – an enormous challenge without the aid of a driver assistance system. Right turns especially are notoriously dangerous. The driver must be warned in time if cyclists or pedestrians are anywhere near the blind spot – the area that remains invisible to the driver.

The choice of driving assistants and rear view cameras for the SUEZ vehicle fleet was left to the drivers themselves: A number of systems were field-tested, and there was one clear favourite: LUIS Technology’s innovative turn assistant LUIS TURN DETECT ®. The software-based camera-monitor system offers mature, sophisticated technology, reliability, practicality and ease of use. All this is supported by LUIS Technology’s offer of a 48 months warranty, rapid installation service, reliable customer service and flexible, versatile product adaptations upon request. Such as the camera’s opening angle, which was adjusted specifically for use in the waste collection vehicles. SUEZ Deutschland has so far had 320 vehicles equipped with LUIS TURN DETECT ®. SUEZ additionally employs LUIS rear view cameras for front loaders used on roads as well as for forklifts deployed at waste disposal sites. The customised, individually aligned high-tech equipment enhances operational safety of the vehicle fleet and contributes significantly to the prevention of accidents. SUEZ Deutschland now uses the LUIS TURN DETECT ® system both to upgrade vehicles already in use and as part of the original equipment when commissioning new waste disposal vehicles.


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