Recording camera and sensor data can improve operational processes, enable evidence to be preserved in the event of accidents or break-ins, and also deter potential perpetrators. Drivers and company assets are thus better protected. Furthermore, the entire fleet equipped with mobile data recorders (MDRs) can be located via GPS.


  • Recording of 4 analog and 1 digital (optionally also 6+2 or 8+8) cameras and vehicle data simultaneously
  • 4G module for real-time acquisition, live transmission and remote maintenance
  • Integrated modules: GPS and G-sensor
  • Hard disk storage with optional parallel recording on SD card as backup copy
  • Event-controlled recording (automatic recording up to 60 min. before and up to 30 min. after the event)
  • Management of the videos via the desktop or server software (password-protected)
  • 8 different triggers for starting the recording can be set, e.g. the warning signal of the LUIS TURN DETECT®, a door opening, motion detection, manual triggering by switch, etc.

LUIS CLOUD-MDR-SOFTWARE (article no. 900490)

  • Requirement: Data is transferred via WiFi or 4G connection
  • Cloud MDR software is password protected
  • Real-time video/ recording of the entire fleet
  • GPS/geotracking of the vehicles
  • Real-time alarm
  • Preservation of evidence/ time-delayed playback of videos and event recordings (playback as well as live streaming)
  • Automatic download
  • Backup and search options for event recordings
  • Report generation
  • User and rights management
  • Remote configuration

LUIS DESKTOP-MDR-SOFTWARE (article no. 900491)

  • Videos from the hard disk are read manually (esp. for systems without WiFi or 4G connection) and can be played and saved via the LUIS desktop MDR software

There is a range of additional accessories so that your special request or application can be implemented, e.g.

  • Status display with panic button, i.e. a manual switch for activating the recording (part number 900458)
  • Alarm box with 8 alarm inputs and 2 alarm outputs as well as a speed signal (part number 900452)
  • Easy-Check - a module for easy management of the MDR via mobile devices (Android & iOS) with "plug & play" connection via WiFi, features like multi-channel video preview, alarm playback, status information via mobile device (article no. 900450)
  • Fireproof box (article no. 900454)
  • Back-up battery - a powerful battery for the MDR in case it is disconnected from the vehicle battery or switched off, or the vehicle battery is empty (item no. 900453).
  • Various hard disk sizes
  • Additional data backup to SD card


  • Password-protected access to the software for playing the videos and lockable hard disk ensures high data protection
  • Storage of videos only on an ad hoc basis and in the event of a justified incident, e.g. accident
  • Preservation of evidence through pre- and post-event recording and automatic backup to hard disk
  • Evidence of service provided
  • High time and cost savings through direct presentation of evidence for accident clarification
  • Supporting drivers to exonerate them from false accusations
  • Promoting careful driving
  • Theft deterrence
  • Can be combined with LUIS TURN DETECT® warning signal as trigger for event recording

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