LUIS Technology’s product range supports more than just enhanced road traffic safety. Our mobile digital recorders (MDR) are ideally suited for coordinating fleets in the logistics, construction, agriculture and municipal sectors as well as the vehicle fleets of tradespeople, taxi companies and social services. Along with all other LUIS Technology products, our GPS trackers, telematics products and mobile digital recorders meet OEM quality standards and are offered with a 48 months warranty. Mobile digital recorders and telematics products undergo LUIS’s regular and stringent quality control procedures. Customers have the assurance that our products meet the high requirements in the automotive sector.

Telematik-System Telematik-System


We enhance automotive systems using telecommunications and IT technologies, integrating them into a global network. Why? The vehicle is a node in the network. In a comprehensive fleet management system, we focus on CANbus connectivity, tachograph data management, taxi meter integration, camera integration, audio integration and auxiliary services. And we are constantly expanding our system’s capacity and performance. Our overarching mission is to offer value-enhancing mobility products and services to our partners, allowing them to support their customers in turn.

We bring our comprehensive and varied telematics experience to the table and support you with a range of vehicle services. We work in collaboration with you to develop and enhance your future mobility. We maintain our own motor pool to subject all LUIS products to intensive tests in everyday usage scenarios. Jointly with our long-standing development partners, we always have our finger on the pulse of time, keeping up to date with the latest technological innovations.



The LUIS Fleet Portal is the central switchboard and control unit to control and monitor your entire vehicle fleet. Receive live status and location updates for vehicles together with the option to analyse saved data individually, sorted by date, driver and vehicle, facilitating timely decisions, compliance with the obligation to provide proof as well as optimisation decisions. Updates or alerts requiring immediate action can optionally be sent by email or text message.

The LUIS Fleet Portal is a browser-based telematics portal accessible from all current browsers. The software requires no installation. Users can access the portal using login details and user profiles.

Functionality of the LUIS Fleet Portal is continuously enhanced and extended to meet customer wishes and market requirements and is made available to our customers by way of optional automatic updates.

The LUIS Fleet Portal offers APIs and open interfaces for seamless integration with existing infrastructure and applications.

An overview of basic LUIS Fleet Portal functions:

  • Live-Tracking – View vehicle locations and vehicle data in real time and keep track of your vehicle fleet status at all times.
  • Map View – Locate your vehicle fleet swiftly and easily on the map view and plan further tasks for your vehicles based on their location.
  • Dashboard - Receive updates on your vehicle fleet status swiftly and easily via the dashboard.
  • Geofencing – Create individual, specific Points of Interest to receive alerts whenever a vehicle enters or leaves a specified location.
  • Reporting – Create and export various reports, from simple daily bulletins via logbooks to customizable alerts for defined exceptional occurrences.
  • Optional integration of other hardware – The LUIS Fleet Portal currently supports a large number of hardware products in addition to LUIS GPS trackers, such as temperature sensors, beacons and many more. We are continuously expanding the list of supported hardware.
  • Open Interface – Connectivity to existing applications is supported by open interfaces or APIs.

An overview of optional LUIS Fleet Portal functions:

The LUIS Fleet Portal offers a large number of further optional extensions and enhancements, depending on the hardware used.

CAN-Bus / FMS: The LUIS GPS Tracker Professional provides access to the following data from leading utility vehicle manufacturers via the Fleet Management Systems Interface (FMS), depending on clearance/permissions set:

  • Vehicle speed (wheel-based and from tachograph)
  • Clutch pedal / brake pedal depressed (yes/no)
  • Cruise control (on/off)
  • Power take-off (status/modus)
  • Accelerator pedal position (0–100%)
  • Total fuel used (litres since lifetime)
  • Fuel level (0–100%)
  • Engine speed
  • Gross axle weight rating (kg)
  • Total engine hours (h)
  • FMS-Standard software version (supported modes)
  • Vehicle identification number
  • Tachograph information
  • High-resolution vehicle distance / Service distance
  • Engine coolant temperature

Tachograph: The device records and stores drive, other work, availability or rest times as well as break times and distance travelled. The tachograph also records and stores vehicle speeds and further vehicle data for the most recent 24 hours of driving in one-second-intervals and transmits this data to the LUIS Fleet Portal.

Drivers' working hours/Hours of service: Display the driver status and working hours on your digital tachograph in real time to support your employees’ compliance with European regulations. Instruct your drivers to take breaks as needed to ensure they are well rested when operating their vehicles, for their own safety and that of other road users.

Remote data download: Use the LUIS tachograph solution to remotely download all your vehicle and digital tachograph data (driver data at least every 28 days, vehicle data at least every 90 days). Save time and money and focus on your daily operations.

LUIS beacons and sensors: Data from the LUIS beacons and LUIS sensors can be accessed, analysed and exported together with additional information, such as temperature and humidity curves or the identification protocol of a tractor trailer.

Use of the LUIS Fleet Portal is subject to a monthly service charge that is calculated per object monitored.


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