Rear view cameras are vital, especially for large vehicles such as agricultural and construction equipment, utility vehicles or motor homes. These practical cameras ensure a high degree of safety for other road users as well as for your own vehicle, in addition to enhancing driver comfort. Special designs such as all-round-vision systems, brake light cameras or double eye cameras can also offer valuable additional features. All of these essential safety systems are easy to install. LUIS rear view systems can be individually adapted to the requirements of various vehicles and integrate smoothly with already installed systems.

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  1. LUIS Forklift wireless tine camera AHD
    LUIS Forklift wireless tine camera AHD

    LUIS Forklift Wireless Tine Camera AHD with wireless technology. The purchase of the LUIS forklift truck monitor AHD (item no. 900525.AHD7.V1) is a prerequisite for the system to function. The complete system is available under article no. 900530.

  2. Brake light camera for FIAT Ducato, Peugeot Boxer and Citroen Jumper (Relay)
    Brake light camera for FIAT Ducato, Peugeot Boxer and Citroen Jumper (Relay)
    LUIS rear view camera designed specifically for FIAT Ducato, Peugeot Boxer and Citroen Jumper (Relay), integrated in the third brake light for simple and rapid fitting on your vehicle.
  3. LUIS R7-S NTSC compact camera
    LUIS R7-S NTSC compact camera
    The top-of-the-range model from LUIS: The R7-S compact camera in a robust and compact design with automatic stainless steel shutter cover to meet the most exacting requirements – available here as NTSC version, including for Mercedes vehicles (Sprinter, Actros, Econic)
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LUIS’ versatile rear view cameras cover all ‘problem zones’ and blind spots affecting driving visibility. They are compatible with virtually all passenger car models while also meeting the exacting, often considerably varied requirements in the utility vehicle segment. Our rear view cameras have been developed specifically for use under these special operating conditions. Drivers benefit from one thing above all: All-round-vision, which is otherwise not possible. LUIS rear view cameras can lower the risk of personal injuries and help save lives!

Many of our rear view cameras are equipped with a shutter, providing highly effective protection against harsh weather such as rain, snow and ice. These automatic shutters only open when the camera is activated. While the camera is not in use, the shutter remains tightly closed, offering protection against outside influences. Another benefit: At extremely low temperatures, cameras can frost over and cease to function – not our systems, though. Our systems benefit from integrated heating to prevent cameras icing over and ensure reliable operation, even in sub-zero temperatures.


Our rear view cameras are designed to be compatible with many different types of vehicles. Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class and S-Class, ŠKODA, Porsche, BMW or VW, to name but a few – nearly every model can be fitted with a rear view camera. You have a choice between a wired solution and a wireless rear view camera. Our rear-view cameras can be fitted to a new vehicle during manufacture or installed on your vehicle later with minimal effort.

As a partner and specialist for rear view cameras, LUIS offers solutions to support manufacturers of vehicles and coachwork. A standard LUIS product may prove an optimal solution. Alternatively, LUIS can develop bespoke products, including in smaller batches starting with as few as 200 units.

Our products are available at highly competitive prices – an important consideration for many companies and users. LUIS rear view cameras help to prevent property damage – for example when manoeuvring a vehicle – and to lower insurance premiums. Please contact us to find out more. We will be happy to refer you to our insurance partner at Gothaer. Additionally, LUIS systems are sponsored by a number of professional and employers’ liability insurance associations. That effectively translates into cost savings even during the initial purchase of a system.


A brake light camera offers many benefits. It is integrated directly into the vehicle’s brake light, making it nearly invisible from the outside. Furthermore, it offers a view of areas that are otherwise not visible to drivers, such as bumpers and running boards.

A license plate camera also offers virtually invisible integration. The rear view camera is integrated into a license plate holder that can simply be installed in lieu of the original one. Images are transmitted wirelessly to the monitor (supplied as part of the system). There is no need for a connection cable running through the vehicle.


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