Telematics & Data Analytics


Process digitization has been steadily gaining importance in the field of mobile machinery and commercial vehicles for several years. The growth is more than 35% per year. With automated communication from the ambulance to the nearest hospital, for example, in order to be able to treat a stroke patient in the best possible way, the documentation of winter services provided by local authorities, or the recognition of refuse garbage cans and the subsequent simplification of invoicing, significant process digitalization has already arrived in our everyday lives. But there is still a long way to go before analog processes are in the minority. We at LUIS Technology have developed solutions for you that help you to further improve service offerings, save costs and streamline processes.

We divide our solutions into three areas:

  1. GPS tracker solutions
  2. Complex telematics solutions and
  3. Mobile data recorders

Ad 1) GPS tracking solutions are also available in three versions:

a. A simple and cost-effective solution for locating vehicles and other "assets" such as construction equipment and machinery. Fleet management functions are also included ("LUIS SMART TRACK BASIC").

b. A powerful solution that can process a wide range of sensor data, IoT-capable and also offers automatic reading of the digital tachograph, driving and rest time monitoring as well as a wide range of reports („LUIS SMART TRACK PRO“).

c. A special container solution including localization and optional manual pushbutton for easy transmission of the filling status ("LUIS ConT-TRACK").

Ad 2) We currently offer complex telematics solutions in five versions::

a. A solution, especially for municipalities, that helps to identify hot spots in a region in order to prevent accidents, e.g. by infrastructural measures ("LUIS SMART PREVENT").

b. A telematics solution that allows improved supply chain management with so-called beacons. These sensors are operated via Bluetooth Low Energy and help to determine driver identity, monitor temperature, humidity or door opening data and track goods unloading operations („LUIS SMART IDENT“).

c. Monitoring of far-reaching commercial vehicle data such as tire pressure, data on the condition of lights and brakes, digital tachograph and diverse reporting („LUIS SMART TRUCK“).

d. Across Germany and Europe, 22% of kilometers traveled are not carrying any freight. If we consider the proportion of journeys in Germany that are made completely empty, we even arrive at just under 40%. An efficient loading management system can help reduce empty runs and save CO2. Our camera- and AI-based automated solution determines the free loading space in trailers, bodies, containers, storage areas, etc. and transmits the data to a central management ("LUIS SMART LOAD").

e. Climate-controlled transportation and animal transportation can be managed effectively and efficiently with a system that uses digital sensors to allow legally compliant recording, easy printout of the data in the vehicle and convenient transfer to the LUIS Fleet Portal or to your Fleet Portal („LUIS SMART COOL“).

Ad 3) Mobile data recorder (MDR)-solutions are available in three versions, with

  • 4-channels
  • 6-channels and
  • 8-channels.

In addition to the number of analog channels specified in the respective product name, up to eight digital cameras can be connected and additional sensor data can be recorded. The main benefits for you are theft protection, people protection and easier evidence in the event of accidents. Here is more information.

In the LUIS Fleet Portal, you can track routes driven, identify the locations of your assets, and display sensor data obtained from the above-mentioned solutions. In addition, the LUIS Fleet Portal offers many other functions such as geofencing, remote tachograph download and individual evaluation options. If desired, information or alarms that require immediate action can also be sent by mail or SMS. In addition, orders can be created and planned in the LUIS Fleet Portal, which the driver can manage directly on a display in the driver's cab or on a mobile device n (LUIS Driver App).

If you want to manage processes more efficiently on-site at your customers, e.g. installations, the LUIS Master application and the corresponding LUIS Installer application for the service technicians "in the field" will help you. This combination allows easy management of resources such as personnel, vehicles and materials as well as the corresponding customer orders. Furthermore, the acceptance process is professionalized on the basis of a digital installation protocol including the customer's signature, and invoicing and material reordering are simplified.

Please feel free to contact us if we can advise you on the solutions mentioned above or on individual development projects. We are looking forward to it!

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