LUIS 360° Professional V1 incl. 7” Professional HD monitor

Luis EAN
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Protection class IP66
Standard (PAL/NTSC) without
Operating voltage (V) 10-32
housing color schwarz
Dimensions (W in mm) 148.6
Dimensions (L in mm) 162.6
Dimensions (H in mm) 28.5
Camera inputs 4
Number of wires 5
Color schwarz
Standard (PAL/NTSC) AHD
Sensor type (CMOS/CCD) CMOS
Viewing angle (vertical) (degrees) 140
Operating temperature (°C) -20℃~+70℃
Storage temperature (°C) -30℃~+85℃
Camera body color schwarz
Camera (L in mm) 60
Camera (H in mm) 46
Camera (W in mm) 47
Protection class IP68
Viewing angle (horizontal) (degrees) 190
Night vision (IR LED) Yes
Display size (inch) 7
Resolution (pixel) 1.024 x 600
Camera inputs 3
Brightness (cd/m²) 500
Auto-dim Yes
Video output Yes
Loudspeaker No
Touch function No
Menu languages Englisch, Deutsch, Französisch, Spanisch, Portugal, Italienisch
Mirror function (v/h) vertical and horizontal
Housing color schwarz
Housing material ABS
FMVSS 302 conformity Yes
Storage temperature (°C) -30℃~+80℃
Operating temperature (°C) -20℃~+70℃
Shock solidity (g) 4
Protection class IP21
Operating voltage (V) 12 - 24
Monitor (L in mm) 180
Monitor (H in mm) 120
Monitor (W in mm) 25
Weight (Monitor only) (kg) 0.75
Weight total (incl. packaging) (kg) 1.5
Cable length at monitor (m) 0.28
Remote control No
Split screen No
Weight (incl. accessories) (kg) 1.2
Cable length system cable (m) 2.3
Current consumption (A) 750 mA
CE conformity Yes
RoHS Yes
E mark (ECE R10) Yes
  • LUIS 360° Professional ECU 
  • LUIS 360° Professional system cable
  • LUIS 360° Professional AHD system camera
  • LUIS GPS module 2.0
  • LUIS Professional HD monitor
  • LUIS cable (1x 5 m, 2x 10 m, 1x 20 m)

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