LUIS AVAS – Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System

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Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System
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LUIS AVAS – Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System 

The LUIS AVAS has been developed specifically for electric vehicles and has been in series production since September 2018 (>25,000 units/month). The dimensions of 77 x 77 x 62 mm make the LUIS AVAS an extremely compact system. The series-produced solution includes several different functions. The system activates at a speed of 0 km/h <...<= 20 km/h und ist geschwindigkeitsabhängig (Frequenzmodulation). Die Spezifikation des Sounds kann in Abstimmung mit Ihnen designt werden. Die Betriebs-vund Lagertemperatur des AVAS ist von -40°bis +85°C ist gem. DIN ISO zertifiziert. 

Electrical and mechanical properties:
Operating voltage 9–16 V
Power consumption max. 300 mA
Volume at 12 V/1 m
60–80 dB (depending on customer requirements)
IP protection rating IP67 (IP6k9k optional)
Weight 170 ± 20 g

Connections: +12VDC, GND, CAN_H, CAN_L

The LUIS AVAS is of course subject to our comprehensive and strict quality assurance processes with routine inspections of each individual item at every key stage of production.