Brake light camera for VW Crafter & Mercedes Sprinter (manufactured from 2006 onwards)

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LUIS rear view camera designed specifically for Mercedes Sprinter (W906) and VW Crafter, integrated in the third brake light for simple and rapid fitting on your vehicle – no drilling required
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The new LUIS rear view camera designed specifically for Mercedes Sprinter manufactured from 2006 onwards (W906) and VW Crafter. Quick and easy installation by swapping the existing brake light. No drilling required. 

The problem of fitting a rear view camera on vehicles with rear doors is a familiar one. If you use a conventional roof-mounted camera, it can point downwards, but the back of many vehicles is often slightly rounded at the top. A normal rear view camera would record this curve and therefore miss the tow bar, step or bumper.

The solution from LUIS integrates the rear view camera into the glass of the third brake light on the Mercedes Sprinter/VW Crafter. The camera therefore helps you to see beyond the curved section and captures the entire rear wall, bumper and any attached parts, enabling you to manoeuvre with precision. 

The angle of the camera module can be adjusted vertically and can therefore be adapted perfectly to the features of your vehicle. And when you’re driving at night, the powerful infrared LEDs reliably cut through the darkness and shed light on the area behind the vehicle. The automatic white balance and, in particular, the automatic backlight compensation provide good visibility even in challenging lighting. All of this combines to provide the optimum conditions for safe driving and greater efficiency, which means that insurance companies and professional associations reward the use of LUIS rear view systems. We would be pleased to provide you with further information about this. 

As well as having top-quality materials and manufacturing, the LUIS camera has demonstrated its unfaltering performance with impressive results from long-term testing. This camera module never misses a beat and delivers its invaluable services from a frosty -30°C to a fiery 70°C, whether in dust, rain or saltwater. 

The camera is easy to connect to our high-performance LUIS monitors. Alternatively, you can use the corresponding LUIS adapter (article 003740to connect to your Mercedes Audio 15 (with pre-installation code: FR7/8) or adapter (003741) to connect to your VW Crafter RSD4000 or RNS6000. 

LUIS of course has the necessary CE and E mark certificates for the camera and the brake light. 

As with all LUIS products, we also provide a 48-month warranty on the LUIS brake light camera.