LUIS 7-Digital wireless system Professional 720P with 1 camera

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Stable, low interference, particularly high range and end-to-end encrypted.

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LUIS has many years of experience with radio solutions in vehicle construction. LUIS is one of the first manufacturers to rely on stable, low-interference and end-to-end encrypted digital radio.

The 7" digital radio system Professional impresses with a long radio link, integrated digital radio modules in the camera and monitor housing, automatic "pairing" of camera and monitor as well as a particularly robust night vision rear view camera from the Professional series. The elaborately anti-reflective digital radio monitor also offers the possibility of receiving 4 digital radio cameras. 

The rear view camera itself sits in a solid aluminum die-cast housing and meets the demanding protection class standard IP69k and is therefore particularly water and dust resistant and can also withstand cleaning with a high-pressure cleaner. The stand and adjustable sunshield are also made of highly durable stainless steel. 

The LUIS camera Professional was mirrored for use at the rear. For use as a front camera, for example, the image mirroring can be reversed on the camera. The modern night vision technology with IR LEDs of the latest generation allows the driver to see the rear of his vehicle even in complete darkness (0 Lux). Operation is possible at temperatures from -20 to +70 °C. 

The monitor is anti-reflective and has an extraordinary brightness of 500 cd/m2.
In addition to the digital radio monitor and camera, the system also includes an additional flat antenna with extension cable, installation materials and an operating manual. 

It goes without saying that the LUIS 7" Digital Radio System Professional also undergoes a comprehensive and stringent quality assurance process with 100% routine testing at all key stages of production. As a customer, you therefore also benefit from a 48-month LUIS warranty on this system!