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LUIS van camera NTSC

The LUIS NTSC van camera is a rear view camera designed specifically for use on vans. If you use a conventional roof-mounted camera, it can point downwards, but the back of many vehicles is often slightly rounded at the top. This means that a normal rear view camera points at the curved section and may not capture the tow bar, step or bumper, for example. The special housing of the van camera means that the camera module itself can be positioned beyond the curved part and therefore capture the entire rear wall, bumper and other important areas. The angle of the camera module can be adjusted to suit your vehicle perfectly. To provide a perfect picture even in the dark, the camera features nine powerful infrared diodes that enable a range of up to 10 metres behind the vehicle to be displayed. 

  • Power consumption max. 250 mA (IR LED on)
  • Simple adjustment of camera lens