LUIS Professional twin rear view camera – white

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Twin camera for a view directly behind the vehicle and of moving traffic
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The LUIS Professional twin rear view camera enables the driver to see directly behind the vehicle when manoeuvring and to always keep an eye on moving traffic when driving. The two cameras can be separately adjusted and have a robust guard plate to protect against stone chips. Like for all cameras in the Professional series, the sun shade and camera base are made of extra-durable stainless steel. The camera itself has a robust die-cast aluminium housing and can cope with all weather conditions. The camera uses the proven SONY CCD sensor with automatic white balance and a high resolution of 600 TV lines.

The LUIS Professional twin rear view camera is of course subject to a comprehensive and strict quality assurance process with routine inspections of each individual item at every key stage of production. So as a customer, you also benefit from a 48-month LUIS warranty for this system.