LUIS R7-S NTSC camera

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LUIS R7-S rear view shutter camera as NTSC version
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OEM and large projects

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The LUIS R7-S camera has been specially designed for trucks, commercial vehicles, motor homes and heavy-duty vehicles such as excavators and construction equipment, combine harvesters and tractors. Its special features include the shutter cover and the extremely robust design. The shutter closes automatically to provide the camera with protection against dirt, rain and snow. To provide powerful night vision even in total darkness (0 lux), the LUIS R7-S camera is equipped with infrared LEDs and provides up to 15 m of visibility in the dark. The large viewing angle of 180 degrees enables a very wide area behind the vehicle to be seen. The robust design means that it can be used in extreme conditions. The camera is designed for up to 10 G vibration resistance and up to 100 G shock resistance and has the highest IP69k rating. It can also operate at temperatures from -30 to +70°C. A heater is installed for poor weather conditions.

This particular NTSC version is often bought for Mercedes vehicles (e.g. Mercedes Sprinter, Econic or Actros) 

It can be connected to your OEM on-board system or navigation system (e.g. Mercedes FleetBoard) with the relevant LUIS adapter. Please contact our customer service for further information. It can also be connected to a wireless system or monitor via a wireless transmitter with the relevant LUIS accessories. 

The R7-S camera is of course subject to our comprehensive and strict quality assurance processes with routine inspections of each individual item at every key stage of production. So you also benefit from a 48-month LUIS warranty for this camera.