LUIS 7” system universal brake light camera

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Universal brake light camera
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The new LUIS brake light rear view camera system as a universal variant, suitable across model ranges for almost all vans, motor homes and box trucks.

Specially developed for the requirements of vans, motor homes and box trucks for visibility of vulnerable areas such as the tow bar, step or bumper.

A barely noticeable yet invaluable extra pair of eyes: closer inspection reveals a made-to-measure solution with great benefits. With integration in your van’s brake light, the new LUIS rear view camera system guarantees a clear view of everything going on around the rear of your vehicle. Whether you’re reverse parking, manoeuvring or turning, the camera lens gives you a clear view and excellent safety. You can also use the optional guide lines to help. 

Even when you’re driving at night, six powerful infrared diodes ensure that you never lose sight of critical traffic situations and are always able to see in the dark. It also solves the headaches caused by adverse weather such as extreme temperatures from -30°C to +70°C, dust and rain. The LUIS brake light rear view camera system has proven its quality in long-term tests and demonstrated that it is consistently dust-proof and waterproof.

The system’s 7” colour TFT monitor also provides you with clear views from the video images on the anti-glare screen – eliminating any blind spots. You are therefore in the best position to avoid accidental damage effectively. This reduces workshop visits and the time that this sometimes consumes, and also saves you from additional costs for third-party liability. 

Delivery includes a 20 metre connection cable, user instructions and the relevant assembly materials. 

The benefits are plain to see: the LUIS brake light rear view camera system is an efficient safety solution made with high-quality materials and manufacturing. On top of this, you receive a 48-month warranty on the entire system.