LUIS TURN DETECT® BMVI 7” monitor for municipal vehicles

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Turn assistant with ABE certification, eligible for German government funding.
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LUIS TURN DETECT® turn assistant with 7” monitor, GPS, turn angle sensor and camera mount.

The LUIS TURN DETECT® complies with the requirements of the recommendations of the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) for turn assistants:

  • Detection area of at least 2.5 m x 6 m
  • Activation via turn signal (indicator) and speed (GPS). Adjustable speed range.
  • Differentiation between moving objects such as cyclists and static objects (such as parked cars, etc.)
  • Two-level warning: optical-only warning for cyclists in the danger zone and additional acoustic warning due to indicator activation and/or steering angle
  • Driver notification of malfunctions (e.g. camera fault)

A general operating permit (Allgemeine Betriebserlaubnis – ABE) has been granted by the German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA), independently of the vehicle type. However, an installation area for the camera sensors must be observed:

  • Minimum installation height of 1.80 m (maximum 4 m)
  • Distance from vehicle front min. 1 m /max. 6 m

An additional control output (I/O) can be used to activate external alarms (e.g. an LED warning light, side marker lights).

The system includes a wide-angle camera, the control box, a GPS module, a buzzer, a steering angle sensor, a camera mount, the LUIS Professional 7” monitor and the required cables.

You are welcome to have our fitters install the system for you.

All components of the LUIS TURN DETECT® turn assistant are of course subject to a comprehensive and strict quality assurance process with routine inspections of each individual item at every key stage of production.

You will also receive the usual 48-month warranty on this LUIS system.

The LUIS TURN DETECT® turn assistant is exclusively an information and warning system which merely supports the driver of a vehicle. At no time does the system assume or replace the obligations or functions of a driver in any way. The driver of the vehicle remains fully responsible for driving the vehicle, fulfilling their obligations regarding safe driving, and complying with the legal road safety requirements.
Once the system has been installed, it must be approved by a technical test centre.
Number of wires 5
Connectors 2
Length of cable (m) 5
Standard (PAL/NTSC) PAL
Sensor type (CMOS/CCD) CCD
Viewing angle (vertical) (degrees) 105
Operating temperature (°C) -30~+70
Storage temperature (°C) -40~+80
Camera body color schwarz
Camera (L in mm) 85
Camera (H in mm) 63
Camera (W in mm) 81
Mirror function on the camera Yes
Viewing angle (diagonal) (degrees) 179
Viewing angle (horizontal) (degrees) 150
Coating of housing Pulverbeschichtet
Night vision (IR LED) Yes
Display size (inch) 7
Resolution (pixel) 1024x600 RGB
Camera inputs 3
Brightness (cd/m²) 400
Auto-dim Yes
Video output Yes
Loudspeaker Yes
Touch function No
Menu languages Englisch, Deutsch, Französisch, Spanisch, Portugiesisch, Italienisch
Mirror function (v/h) vertical and horizontal
Housing color schwarz
Housing material ABS
FMVSS 302 conformity Yes
Storage temperature (°C) -30~+80
Operating temperature (°C) -20~+70
Shock solidity (g) 4
Protection class IP21
Operating voltage (V) 10-32
Monitor (L in mm) 180
Monitor (H in mm) 25
Monitor (W in mm) 120
Weight (Monitor only) (kg) 0.62
Weight total (incl. packaging) (kg) 1.2
Cable length at monitor (m) 0.9
Remote control No
Split screen No
Weight (incl. accessories) (kg) 0.9
Cable length system cable (m) 1.65
CE conformity Yes
RoHS Yes
E mark (ECE R10) Yes
  • LUIS Professional 7” monitor incl. fan-shaped mount
  • LUIS TD150 camera
  • LUIS TURN DETECT® control box
  • LUIS GPS module
  • LUIS buzzer
  • LUIS controller
  • LUIS system cable
  • LUIS 5 m camera connection cable
  • LUIS steering angle sensor
  • LUIS TURN DETECT® camera bracket 2.0