LUIS universal brake light camera

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LUIS universal brake light camera 

The new LUIS brake light rear view camera for vans, motor homes and buses: to help you keep an eye on hidden corners.

How much space is there behind you? Is there an obstacle you haven’t spotted or is it all clear? There is a degree of uncertainty when driving a van, motor home or bus, as you often have a limited view. Whether you’re reversing, parking or turning, you can’t really see what is going on at the back of the vehicle, even if you put a roof-mounted camera on the rear. You can point the camera downwards, but it doesn’t capture everything. This is mainly down to the design of the vehicle’s body or the attachment. The back is often rounded at the top, which means that the camera lens does not capture the rear wall, tow bar or bumper. 

The viewing angle is completely different with the brake light rear view camera – this new development means that you are always on a level with the traffic. The innovative solution integrates the camera into the brake light for optimum safety, giving you a clear view of what’s going on behind you, with nothing getting in the way. There is also the option to add guide lines to help you manoeuvre in difficult situations. And when you’re driving at night, the six powerful infrared LEDs reliably cut through the darkness and shed light on the area behind the vehicle. Further benefits come in the form of the colour TV system, automatic white balance and, in particular, the automatic backlight compensation, to reveal any hidden objects. This gives you the optimum conditions for safe driving, which in turn has a beneficial impact on your costs for third-party liability.

As well as having top-quality materials and manufacturing, the infrared camera has demonstrated its unfaltering performance with impressive results from long-term testing. This camera module never misses a beat and delivers its invaluable services from a frosty -30°C to a fiery 70°C, whether in dust, rain or saltwater. 
It offers convenient connection options for any scenario, for instance to an existing system or your satnav. 

Choose a product that combines sophisticated design with the utmost efficiency: the new LUIS brake light rear view camera is the fast-track route to road safety.