The claim is intended to communicate LUIS’s core business at the international level. That is why the claim should be used exactly as it appears – only in English.

The LUIS claim consists of two words, one above the other, and an orange triangle.

In combination with the LUIS trademark logo, the claim always appears on white background. However, the trademark logo and claim should only appear in combination under certain specific circumstances. Where possible, the claim should appear as a negative image against a background of dark blue (one of our corporate colours). Do not position the claim on background of a different colour.

luis-marke-whiteblack luis-marke-blackwhite


The claim may only appear in black and white if a depiction in blue and orange is not possible.

luis-claim-blackwhite luis-claim-whiteblack


Where possible, the LUIS claim appears on its own and as a negative image. In combination with the LUIS trademark logo, the claim is positioned prominently. We will assess on a case-by-case basis whether to show the claim, and in what way.

luis-claim-positionierung-1 luis-claim-positionierung-2 luis-claim-positionierung-3


The ideal size ratio between the LUIS trademark logo and the claim is 1 to 2.5. The size of the claim is determined based on the height of capital letters in the logo text. If the claim does not appear immediately next to the trademark logo, size ratios such as 1 to 2 or 1 to 1.5 are also possible.

luis-claim-positionierung-1 Ratio of 1 to 2,5
luis-claim-positionierung-2 Ratio of 1 to 2
luis-claim-positionierung-3 Ratio of 1 to 1,5


When showing the LUIS claim:
  • The claim may not appear distorted or compressed
  • The claim may not appear tilted or turned on its side
  • The claim may not appear on a coloured background, except for dark blue as defined in our corporate colour scheme
  • The colour scheme for the claim is fixed and may not be changed
  • The LUIS claim may only be used in the variations described. It may not be recreated or modified


The LUIS trademark logo is a trademark protected by copyright and may only be used with prior approval. Please contact us for further details.